natcap.invest.marine_water_quality package


natcap.invest.marine_water_quality.interpolate_points_to_raster module

natcap.invest.marine_water_quality.marine_water_quality_biophysical module

InVEST Marine Water Quality Biophysical model.


Marine Water Quality.

Main entry point for the InVEST 3.0 marine water quality biophysical model.

  • args['workspace_dir'] (string) – Directory to place outputs
  • args['results_suffix'] (string) – a string to append to any output file name (optional)
  • args['aoi_poly_uri'] (string) – OGR polygon Datasource indicating region of interest to run the model. Will define the grid.
  • args['land_poly_uri'] (string) – OGR polygon DataSource indicating areas where land is.
  • args['pixel_size'] (float) – float indicating pixel size in meters of output grid.
  • args['layer_depth'] (float) – float indicating the depth of the grid cells in meters.
  • args['source_points_uri'] (string) – OGR point Datasource indicating point sources of pollution.
  • args['source_point_data_uri'] (string) – csv file indicating the biophysical properties of the point sources.
  • args['kps'] (float) – float indicating decay rate of pollutant (kg/day)
  • args['tide_e_points_uri'] (string) – OGR point Datasource with spatial information about the E parameter
  • args['adv_uv_points_uri'] (string) – optional OGR point Datasource with spatial advection u and v vectors.


natcap.invest.marine_water_quality.marine_water_quality_core module

natcap.invest.marine_water_quality.marine_water_quality_core.diffusion_advection_solver(source_point_data, kps, in_water_array, tide_e_array, adv_u_array, adv_v_array, nodata, cell_size, layer_depth)
2D Water quality model to track a pollutant in the ocean. Three input
arrays must be of the same shape. Returns the solution in an array of the same shape.
source_point_data - dictionary of the form:
{ source_point_id_0: {‘point’: [row_point, col_point] (in gridspace),
‘WPS’: float (loading?), ‘point’: ...},

source_point_id_1: ...}

kps - absorption rate for the source point pollutants in_water_array - 2D numpy array of booleans where False is a land pixel and

True is a water pixel.
tide_e_array - 2D numpy array with tidal E values or nodata values, must
be same shape as in_water_array (m^2/sec)
adv_u_array, adv_v_array - the u and v components of advection, must be
same shape as in_water_array (units?)

nodata - the value in the input arrays that indicate a nodata value. cell_size - the length of the side of a cell in meters layer_depth - float indicating the depth of the grid cells in


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