natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield package


natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield.seasonal_water_yield module

InVEST Seasonal Water Yield Model.


Seasonal Water Yield.

This function invokes the InVEST seasonal water yield model described in “Spatial attribution of baseflow generation at the parcel level for ecosystem-service valuation”, Guswa, et. al (under review in “Water Resources Research”)

  • args['workspace_dir'] (string) – output directory for intermediate,
  • and final files (temporary,) –
  • args['results_suffix'] (string) – (optional) string to append to any output files
  • args['threshold_flow_accumulation'] (number) – used when classifying stream pixels from the DEM by thresholding the number of upstream cells that must flow into a cell before it’s considered part of a stream.
  • args['et0_dir'] (string) – required if args[‘user_defined_local_recharge’] is False. Path to a directory that contains rasters of monthly reference evapotranspiration; units in mm.
  • args['precip_dir'] (string) – required if args[‘user_defined_local_recharge’] is False. A path to a directory that contains rasters of monthly precipitation; units in mm.
  • args['dem_raster_path'] (string) – a path to a digital elevation raster
  • args['lulc_raster_path'] (string) – a path to a land cover raster used to classify biophysical properties of pixels.
  • args['soil_group_path'] (string) –

    required if args[‘user_defined_local_recharge’] is False. A path to a raster indicating SCS soil groups where integer values are mapped to soil types:

    1: A
    2: B
    3: C
    4: D
  • args['aoi_path'] (string) – path to a vector that indicates the area over which the model should be run, as well as the area in which to aggregate over when calculating the output Qb.
  • args['biophysical_table_path'] (string) – path to a CSV table that maps landcover codes paired with soil group types to curve numbers as well as Kc values. Headers must include ‘lucode’, ‘CN_A’, ‘CN_B’, ‘CN_C’, ‘CN_D’, ‘Kc_1’, ‘Kc_2’, ‘Kc_3’, ‘Kc_4’, ‘Kc_5’, ‘Kc_6’, ‘Kc_7’, ‘Kc_8’, ‘Kc_9’, ‘Kc_10’, ‘Kc_11’, ‘Kc_12’.
  • args['rain_events_table_path'] (string) – Not required if args[‘user_defined_local_recharge’] is True or args[‘user_defined_climate_zones’] is True. Path to a CSV table that has headers ‘month’ (1-12) and ‘events’ (int >= 0) that indicates the number of rain events per month
  • args['alpha_m'] (float or string) – required if args[‘monthly_alpha’] is false. Is the proportion of upslope annual available local recharge that is available in month m.
  • args['beta_i'] (float or string) – is the fraction of the upgradient subsidy that is available for downgradient evapotranspiration.
  • args['gamma'] (float or string) – is the fraction of pixel local recharge that is available to downgradient pixels.
  • args['user_defined_local_recharge'] (boolean) – if True, indicates user will provide pre-defined local recharge raster layer
  • args['l_path'] (string) – required if args[‘user_defined_local_recharge’] is True. If provided pixels indicate the amount of local recharge; units in mm.
  • args['user_defined_climate_zones'] (boolean) – if True, user provides a climate zone rain events table and a climate zone raster map in lieu of a global rain events table.
  • args['climate_zone_table_path'] (string) – required if args[‘user_defined_climate_zones’] is True. Contains monthly precipitation events per climate zone. Fields must be: “cz_id”, “jan”, “feb”, “mar”, “apr”, “may”, “jun”, “jul”, “aug”, “sep”, “oct”, “nov”, “dec”.
  • args['climate_zone_raster_path'] (string) – required if args[‘user_defined_climate_zones’] is True, pixel values correspond to the “cz_id” values defined in args[‘climate_zone_table_path’]
  • args['monthly_alpha'] (boolean) – if True, use the alpha
  • args['monthly_alpha_path'] (string) – required if args[‘monthly_alpha’] is True.


natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield.seasonal_water_yield_core module

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