InVEST Wave Energy Model Core Code

exception natcap.invest.wave_energy.IntersectionError

Bases: Exception

A custom error message for when the AOI does not intersect any wave data points.


Wave Energy.

Executes both the biophysical and valuation parts of the wave energy model (WEM). Files will be written on disk to the intermediate and output directories. The outputs computed for biophysical and valuation include: wave energy capacity raster, wave power raster, net present value raster, percentile rasters for the previous three, and a point shapefile of the wave points with attributes.

  • workspace_dir (str) – Where the intermediate and output folder/files will be saved. (required)

  • wave_base_data_path (str) – Directory location of wave base data including WAVEWATCH III (WW3) data and analysis area shapefile. (required)

  • analysis_area (str) – A string identifying the analysis area of interest. Used to determine wave data shapefile, wave data text file, and analysis area boundary shape. (required)

  • aoi_path (str) – A polygon OGR vector outlining a more detailed area within the analysis area. This vector should be projected with linear units being in meters. (required to run Valuation model)

  • machine_perf_path (str) – The path of a CSV file that holds the machine performance table. (required)

  • machine_param_path (str) – The path of a CSV file that holds the machine parameter table. (required)

  • dem_path (str) – The path of the Global Digital Elevation Model (DEM). (required)

  • results_suffix (str) – A python string of characters to append to each output filename (optional)

  • valuation_container (boolean) – Indicates whether the model includes valuation

  • land_gridPts_path (str) – A CSV file path containing the Landing and Power Grid Connection Points table. (required for Valuation)

  • machine_econ_path (str) – A CSV file path for the machine economic parameters table. (required for Valuation)

  • number_of_machines (int) – An integer specifying the number of machines for a wave farm site. (required for Valuation)

  • n_workers (int) – The number of worker processes to use for processing this model. If omitted, computation will take place in the current process. (optional)