InVEST Scenic Quality Model.


Scenic Quality.

  • args['workspace_dir'] (string) – (required) output directory for intermediate, temporary, and final files.

  • args['results_suffix'] (string) – (optional) string to append to any output file.

  • args['aoi_path'] (string) – (required) path to a vector that indicates the area over which the model should be run.

  • args['structure_path'] (string) – (required) path to a point vector that has the features for the viewpoints. Optional fields: ‘WEIGHT’, ‘RADIUS’ / ‘RADIUS2’, ‘HEIGHT’

  • args['dem_path'] (string) – (required) path to a digital elevation model raster.

  • args['refraction'] (float) – (required) number indicating the refraction coefficient to use for calculating curvature of the earth.

  • args['do_valuation'] (bool) – (optional) indicates whether to compute valuation. If False, per-viewpoint value will not be computed, and the summation of valuation rasters (vshed_value.tif) will not be created. Additionally, the Viewshed Quality raster will represent the weighted sum of viewsheds. Default: False.

  • args['valuation_function'] (string) – The type of economic function to use for valuation. One of “linear”, “logarithmic”, or “exponential”.

  • args['a_coef'] (float) – The “a” coefficient for valuation. Required if args['do_valuation'] is True.

  • args['b_coef'] (float) – The “b” coefficient for valuation. Required if args['do_valuation'] is True.

  • args['max_valuation_radius'] (float) – Past this distance from the viewpoint, the valuation raster’s pixel values will be set to 0. Required if args['do_valuation'] is True.

  • args['n_workers'] (int) – (optional) The number of worker processes to use for processing this model. If omitted, computation will take place in the current process.