InVEST Seasonal Water Yield Model.


Seasonal Water Yield.

  • args['workspace_dir'] (string) – output directory for intermediate, temporary, and final files

  • args['results_suffix'] (string) – (optional) string to append to any output files

  • args['threshold_flow_accumulation'] (number) – used when classifying stream pixels from the DEM by thresholding the number of upslope cells that must flow into a cell before it’s considered part of a stream.

  • args['et0_dir'] (string) – required if args[‘user_defined_local_recharge’] is False. Path to a directory that contains rasters of monthly reference evapotranspiration; units in mm.

  • args['precip_dir'] (string) – required if args[‘user_defined_local_recharge’] is False. A path to a directory that contains rasters of monthly precipitation; units in mm.

  • args['dem_raster_path'] (string) – a path to a digital elevation raster

  • args['lulc_raster_path'] (string) – a path to a land cover raster used to classify biophysical properties of pixels.

  • args['soil_group_path'] (string) – required if args[‘user_defined_local_recharge’] is False. A path to a raster indicating SCS soil groups where integer values are mapped to soil types

  • args['aoi_path'] (string) – path to a vector that indicates the area over which the model should be run, as well as the area in which to aggregate over when calculating the output Qb.

  • args['biophysical_table_path'] (string) – path to a CSV table that maps landcover codes paired with soil group types to curve numbers as well as Kc values. Headers must include ‘lucode’, ‘CN_A’, ‘CN_B’, ‘CN_C’, ‘CN_D’, ‘Kc_1’, ‘Kc_2’, ‘Kc_3’, ‘Kc_4’, ‘Kc_5’, ‘Kc_6’, ‘Kc_7’, ‘Kc_8’, ‘Kc_9’, ‘Kc_10’, ‘Kc_11’, ‘Kc_12’.

  • args['rain_events_table_path'] (string) – Not required if args[‘user_defined_local_recharge’] is True or args[‘user_defined_climate_zones’] is True. Path to a CSV table that has headers ‘month’ (1-12) and ‘events’ (int >= 0) that indicates the number of rain events per month

  • args['alpha_m'] (float or string) – required if args[‘monthly_alpha’] is false. Is the proportion of upslope annual available local recharge that is available in month m.

  • args['beta_i'] (float or string) – is the fraction of the upgradient subsidy that is available for downgradient evapotranspiration.

  • args['gamma'] (float or string) – is the fraction of pixel local recharge that is available to downgradient pixels.

  • args['user_defined_local_recharge'] (boolean) – if True, indicates user will provide pre-defined local recharge raster layer

  • args['l_path'] (string) – required if args[‘user_defined_local_recharge’] is True. If provided pixels indicate the amount of local recharge; units in mm.

  • args['user_defined_climate_zones'] (boolean) – if True, user provides a climate zone rain events table and a climate zone raster map in lieu of a global rain events table.

  • args['climate_zone_table_path'] (string) – required if args[‘user_defined_climate_zones’] is True. Contains monthly precipitation events per climate zone. Fields must be “cz_id”, “jan”, “feb”, “mar”, “apr”, “may”, “jun”, “jul”, “aug”, “sep”, “oct”, “nov”, “dec”.

  • args['climate_zone_raster_path'] (string) – required if args[‘user_defined_climate_zones’] is True, pixel values correspond to the “cz_id” values defined in args[‘climate_zone_table_path’]

  • args['monthly_alpha'] (boolean) – if True, use the alpha

  • args['monthly_alpha_path'] (string) – required if args[‘monthly_alpha’] is True. A CSV file.

  • args['n_workers'] (int) – (optional) indicates the number of processes to devote to potential parallel task execution. A value < 0 will use a single process, 0 will be non-blocking scheduling but single process, and >= 1 will make additional processes for parallel execution.