natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield.seasonal_water_yield_core.calculate_local_recharge(precip_path_list, et0_path_list, qf_m_path_list, flow_dir_mfd_path, kc_path_list, alpha_month_map, beta_i, gamma, stream_path, target_li_path, target_li_avail_path, target_l_sum_avail_path, target_aet_path, target_pi_path)

Calculate the rasters defined by equations [3]-[7].

Note all input rasters must be in the same coordinate system and have the same dimensions.

  • precip_path_list (list) – list of paths to monthly precipitation rasters. (model input)

  • et0_path_list (list) – path to monthly ET0 rasters. (model input)

  • qf_m_path_list (list) – path to monthly quickflow rasters calculated by Equation [1].

  • flow_dir_mfd_path (str) – path to a PyGeoprocessing Multiple Flow Direction raster indicating flow directions for this analysis.

  • alpha_month_map (dict) – fraction of upslope annual available recharge that is available in month m (indexed from 1).

  • beta_i (float) – fraction of the upgradient subsidy that is available for downgradient evapotranspiration.

  • gamma (float) – the fraction of pixel recharge that is available to downgradient pixels.

  • stream_path (str) – path to the stream raster where 1 is a stream, 0 is not, and nodata is outside of the DEM.

  • kc_path_list (str) – list of rasters of the monthly crop factor for the pixel.

  • target_li_path (str) – created by this call, path to local recharge derived from the annual water budget. (Equation 3).

  • target_li_avail_path (str) – created by this call, path to raster indicating available recharge to a pixel.

  • target_l_sum_avail_path (str) – created by this call, the recursive upslope accumulation of target_li_avail_path.

  • target_aet_path (str) – created by this call, the annual actual evapotranspiration.

  • target_pi_path (str) – created by this call, the annual precipitation on a pixel.

  • Returns – None.

natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield.seasonal_water_yield_core.route_baseflow_sum(flow_dir_mfd_path, l_path, l_avail_path, l_sum_path, stream_path, target_b_path, target_b_sum_path)

Route Baseflow through MFD as described in Equation 11.

  • flow_dir_mfd_path (string) – path to a pygeoprocessing multiple flow direction raster.

  • l_path (string) – path to local recharge raster.

  • l_avail_path (string) – path to local recharge raster that shows recharge available to the pixel.

  • l_sum_path (string) – path to upslope sum of l_path.

  • stream_path (string) – path to stream raster, 1 stream, 0 no stream, and nodata.

  • target_b_path (string) – path to created raster for per-pixel baseflow.

  • target_b_sum_path (string) – path to created raster for per-pixel upslope sum of baseflow.